Monday, February 5, 2018

Class Updates/Corrections

Be advised the age for the 85cc Motorcycle support class will be age 7-15 for DTX bikes.  This brings the class in line with what was running at the just completed event in Michigan.  Also, the "Production" Studded and Rubber classes are STOCK classes.  That means the AMA definition of "stock" applies.  You will be allowed to add nerf bars as well as change rims, tires and gears.

The definition of "Stock" for this class is no changes to:

"Air Box (including lid), Frame, A-arms, Fuel Tank, Carburetor (jetting changes allowed), Rim Size, Electronics, Stroke, Exhaust System with Spark Arrester, Swingarm, Internal Engine Components and Wheel Hubs." - per supplemental rules.

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